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Executive Padfolio
Price: $25.00
The visitors walking by your home or office aren't sure that your kid is as incredible as you say. Remove all doubt with this curved 4"x6" photo frame that leaves no doubt as to the incredible nature of your particular kid. Celebrate your Absolutely Incredible Kid all year long! This dry-erase / cork-board combo gives you the opportunity to tell your kid "I think you’re incredible because:" every day, week, or month. Reinforce those sparks with your own message of encouragement. Look like a boss while you act like a boss! This padfolio has a zippered enclosure with a few sweet pockets inside. When you work too much you can just drop in another 8.5x11 note pad and start all over.
Price: $2.00
Price: $30.00
Price: $20.00
Who doesn't need a lanyard? Do you have keys? Do you have a key card? Do you have a laminated ID? The only thing these items are missing is a lanyard proudly displaying Camp Fire's logo. This one is made from recycled water bottles, so feel good while you use it. Rugged backpack with embroidered Camp Fire logo. Plenty of pockets and zippers to stash your gear. Makes a stylish back-to-school gift as well! Treknor brand map compass, as used with the Wise Kids curriculum. Perfect for finding your direction in the wild!
Pedometer - 10/Pkg
Price: $48.00
Package of 10 pedometers, as sold in the Wise Kids starter kit. The most versatile backpack-style bag available with the Camp Fire logo. Carries a wide variety of objects, strapped to your back. WARNING: Lime green color does not taste like lime. Orange also does not taste like lime. Do not eat backpack. In a rainbow of colors - keeps lunch and beverages cool (or hot) for hours. Collapses to store easily.
Hype iPad Stand
Price: $42.50
Your Price: $25.00
Infant Bucket Cap
Price: $18.00
If you have an iPad, this is the case that will set you apart from the crowd. Embossed with a Camp Fire logo, this stand keeps your iPad in place as you surf. Now reduced in price! The cutest Camp Fire kids wear these bucket hats. Being out in the environment is good. Getting a sunburn on the head is bad. Especially if you're a baby. Get a hat! The cutest Camp Fire kids wear these onesies. Show your sparks early and often.
Non-Woven Tote
Price: $5.50
The cutest Camp Fire kids wear these onesies. Show your sparks early and often. Ninety-five percent of hand models can't be wrong - this is the temporary tattoo for you. Get several, as results may vary. We all get groceries. This tote brings some style to the produce aisle. Reduce, re-use, recycle.
Pencils Pkg./5
Price: $4.50
Lip Balm
Price: $2.00
Five pads of post-it notes. The ideal thing for posting notes in a removable fashion on safe surfaces. Works with both pens and pencils. Five pencils, and yes - they're #2. State assessment tests don't stand a chance against these beauties. Perfect for shifting gears as you thrive. This SPF 15 lip balm is cherry-scented. Now you can talk about your sparks while you protect yourself from the sun!
SUSO iPhone 5 Cover
Price: $16.00
Your Price: $7.50
Stand up, Stand out! If you have an iPhone 5, this is the cover for you. Stand up and stand out as someone who loves Camp Fire. Now reduced and available exclusively to those cool enough to have an iPhone 5! Reduce, re-use, recycle. This tote does it all, and has a handy cinch feature to keep your belongings well-contained. Embossed bound journal.
Jr. Padfolio
Price: $10.00
Making Hope Happen
Price: $26.00
Your Price: $15.00
Blue and black 9.5-in. H X 6.5-in. W zippered padfolio with debossed logo includes inside pockets, pen loop, and 5-in. x 8-in. writing pad. A Workbook for Organization and Program Administrators (Third Edition). Risk and Crisis Management Planning may also be purchased through www.healthylearning.com or www.acacamps.org. Signed by the author! Shane Lopez, Ph.D., was a recent speaker for Camp Fire and had the crowd enthralled. This book was available for sale after the speech and is available for you now. Read all about it!