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Price: $2.00
Executive Padfolio
Price: $25.00
Who doesn't need a lanyard? Do you have keys? Do you have a key card? Do you have a laminated ID? The only thing these items are missing is a lanyard proudly displaying Camp Fire's logo. This one is made from recycled water bottles, so feel good while you use it. Look like a boss while you act like a boss! This padfolio has a zippered enclosure with a few sweet pockets inside. When you work too much you can just drop in another 8.5x11 note pad and start all over. Celebrate your Absolutely Incredible Kid all year long! This dry-erase / cork-board combo gives you the opportunity to tell your kid "I think you’re incredible because:" every day, week, or month. Reinforce those sparks with your own message of encouragement.
Absolutely Incredible Curve Photo Frame
Price: $15.00
Your Price: $7.00
The visitors walking by your home or office aren't sure that your kid is as incredible as you say. Remove all doubt with this curved 4"x6" photo frame that leaves no doubt as to the incredible nature of your particular kid. It's the gift that keeps on giving, and always in the perfect size. You can select the value of your gift card after you choose a delivery method. You'll also tell us who it is sent to and we'll make sure they get an email letting them know why you think they are so cool.